Ease-Ashore is your one and only lightweight, portable boat docking device!  It provides you the convenience and freedom to dock your boat on virtually any shoreline.  No longer will you have to load your boat on the trailer and haul it out of the water every time you go back to the campgrounds.  Dock your boat anywhere you want in just minutes without risking damage to the underside of your precious investment.  This portable boat docking device is compact and lightweight.  It can easily be transported in your car, truck, recreational vehicle, or right in your boat using the heavy-duty duffel bag supplied with each purchase.  The assembly of your Ease-Ashore is simple, taking only a few minutes and requires no tools.  The application of your Ease-Ashore is even better, as it allows you to secure your boat to virtually any shoreline, giving you easy access to land.  Whether you are fishing, camping, water skiing, or just relaxing at the lake for a family vacation, this great looking portable boat docking device is your lightweight, adjustable solution to temporarily shore docking your boat, while cradling and protecting it.  If you think your boat looks good now, wait until you see what it looks like on your Ease-Ashore!  

Ease-Ashore is made from durable extruded aluminum tubing, all stainless steel hardware, and is manufactured to the highest quality standards.  It is designed for use with V-bottom, tri-hull, and flat bottom boats up to 22 feet.  It conveniently fits in a heavy-duty duffel bag supplied with each purchase for easy handling and storage. 







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